Triathlon NSW Sponsorship



Triathlon NSW is the governing body for Triathlon and Multisport in NSW. Blisterproof is proud to announce it is now a sponsor of this awesome organisation.   Three disciplines of swimming, cycling and running make up the base format of a triathlon.  

Blisters are a major problem in almost half of endurance running events, including Triathlon.  Blisters most commonly effect the heels, toes and balls of the feet.  

The Blisterproof team looks forward to supplying our blister prevention tapes for Triathlon NSW. Go hard, go well, but keep blister free with Blisterproof.

Melbourne Community Rugby launches $1,000,000 appeal



Fiji-born rugby veteran Maciu Vosa wanted to play one final season with his team at the Harlequin Rugby Club in Melbourne but an on-field accident on March 21 dealt him a body-crushing blow.

The father of two young children, Maciu broke his neck after a regulation maul collapsed in general play under the weight of a phalanx of team-mates and opponents. He has consequently been left paralysed from his upper chest down, with very little movement in his arms.

Blisterproof is joining the fundraising effort to support Matty and his family through this difficult time. Simply enter the promotional code 4MATTY when purchasing your Blisterproof blister prevention products, and $2 from every sale will be donated to the 4Matty Trust. You will also receive free delivery, our way of saying a huge thank you for your support.

Row, row, row your boat, blister free down the stream!



Rowing is a great way to get fit. You'll need stamina, strength, balance, timing and technique to conquer this sport. You may just want to dabble in the occasional outing down a shady river or you may want to get super serious and join a rowing club.

Either way you are bound to encounter blisters in your rowing endeavours. Rowing requires repetitive hand movements while gripping the oars and this can wreak havoc on palms and fingers, especially for those new to the sport.

Blisters are painful and can interfere with rowing, but it doesn't have to be this way. Blisterproof blister prevention stops blisters in their tracks. Simply apply Blisterproof adhesive fabric shapes to your hands before you grip an oar and enjoy this fabulous sport blister free.

Blisterproof adhesive fabric acts as a second skin and prevent blisters from forming. At Blisterproof we don't like to blow our own trumpet - but Blisterproof really is oar-some!!

Groovy Baby

blisterproof platform


Get ready for a blast from the past, because we've heard a whisper that thick platform shoes could be on the way back. Platforms have been spotted on fashion runways everywhere giving us an inkling that they may be re-emerging into the spotlight.

Designers Saint Laurent, Tom Ford and Alexander McQueen all included mega platforms in their latest collections. Platform shoes tend to have rigid foot beds. When you're walking the foot is trying to bend a certain way, but the shoe is fighting you because it is so firm. If you're hooked on the look, try selecting a flatter platform shoe which may put less strain on your feet.

Looking "hip" is groovy baby, but blisters can wreak havoc and that confident strut can turn into a limp in no time. Prevention is better than cure, so before stepping out make sure you apply Blisterproof and avoid painful blisters. It just makes perfect sense to be covered by Blisterproof. See you on the disco dance floor blister free!

Happy Feet at Gosford Caravan Camping & Outdoor Living Show



Outdoor leisure and pleasure seekers visiting The Gosford Caravan Camping & Outdoor Living Show at The Entertainment Grounds, Gosford Racecourse, West Gosford,  from the 28th to 30th of August 2015, are advised to wear comfy shoes.  

With so much to see and so much to do you can be sure you'll be doing heaps of walking around the premier events location on the Central Coast. Blisterproof will be on hand ensuring the event is blister free!!

Look out for the promotional team handing out Blisterproof samples for your comfort and total blister prevention. Another tip for happy show feet is avoiding new shoes or high heels, and if you wear sneakers, be sure to wear socks. Enjoy the Gosford Caravan Camping & Outdoor Living Show, it's going to be huge and head home with blister free feet. 

Latest News - The Highs and Lows of Stiletto's!



Many women these days go for high heels to make a fashion statement.  There's nothing nicer than a pair of designer heels to make you feel tall and glamorous.

We know that high heels are notorious for producing blisters on the back of the heels.  This is due to shifting the weight to the front of the shoes , leaving slippage at the back that rubs with every single step.   Let's face it, there's nothing elegant about hobbling around.

But if we must insist on wearing them, pop  a Blisterproof adhesive fabric on your heels before stepping out.  Blisterproof acts as a second skin, and let's face it, prevention is better than cure!

Enjoy those designer shoes without the 'hobble blues' thanks to Blisterproof, a revolution in blister prevention.